How To Catch a Cheating Spouse Or Partner In No Time

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Here Are 3 Simple Steps Private Investigators
Don’t Want You To Know About

By Jennifer Agotti – Author of the “How To

Do you have the gut wrenching feeling your spouse, husband, wife, or partner may be cheating on you, but you haven’t been able to find enough evidence to catch him or her in the act? What if I told you there was a lightning fast way to catch a cheater dead in his or tracks with just 3 simple steps, would that take a huge burden off your mind?

If you could just read just one article about how to catch a cheating spouse, husband, wife, or partner, this is it. I dare you to read this entire article and not change your thoughts about how easy it is to catch a cheating spouse – or any cheater.

Catching a cheater can be a challenging process. The dynamics of every couple’s relationship is different, therefore each cheater conducts his or her infidelity according to the unique circumstances of that particular relationship. The steps used to catch one unfaithful husband, wife, or partner may not work for another cheater.

What complicates the matter further is the development of hi tech gadgets such as modern cell phones. These modern conveniences enable a conniving cheater to privately communicate via text messages and send images without arousing the suspicions of his or her fellow co-workers, spouse, or boyfriend and girlfriend.

The explosion of tempting internet dating sites, chat rooms, IM messaging, and the ease in which your partner can set up a private email, makes it easy for them to engage in a discreet affair, behind your back. The shocking fact that 50-55% of married men and 40-45% of married women engage in infidelity confirm this growing problem.

There is no other gut-wrenching or sickening feeling than knowing that your soul mate and lover has betrayed you. The emotional scars you’ve experienced will have life long effects. Painful as it may be, the healthiest way to deal with a cheating spouse, husband, wife, or partner is to learn the truth and face it head on, regardless of how much it hurts. Only by facing the reality of your circumstances can you take positive steps to heal and move on with a better life.

You’ll find all sorts of advice on the internet telling you how to recognize the signs of cheating. Some sites make a feeble attempt to help you catch a cheater by suggesting an assortment of tactics and strategies you can use to try and catch them in the act of infidelity. Spy equipment stores interested in making a sale will advocate the use of high tech GPS tracking devices to track a cheater, but many fail to inform you that it’s illegal to track a cheater without his or her informed consent. Can you imagine how much evidence you would gather if you had to inform your spouse or partner that you intend to monitor their activities by tracking their vehicle or cell phone?

It’s easy to get confused with the mountain of options on how to catch a cheating spouse. Which strategy do you do first? How do you know which strategy to use to catch a cheater in the shortest time possible? Your fragile relationship is teetering on the cliff of disaster and you can’t afford to make the wrong mistakes. Falsely accusing your partner of cheating will permanently affect the future of your relationship! It’s vital for you to conduct your search for the truth without arousing the suspicions of your spouse or partner.

If you have the burning desire to prove your suspicions, but you’re overwhelmed with the challenge of trying to catch a cheater, don’t give up hope. Spying on a dishonest spouse or partner doesn’t have to be a complicated process. As a survivor of infidelity, I understand the emotional devastation and heart wrenching pain you’re feeling. You see, I caught my husband of 20 years cheating with his secretary. I know what it feels like to be betrayed by your soul mate. While time has healed some of my emotional scars, I made a vow to help other innocent spouses or partners like you regain your dignity and take control of your life.

I spent months learning the best kept secrets private investigators use to catch a cheater. I stripped out all the useless strategies and condensed the entire process of catching a cheater down to 3 easy steps anyone can follow! Best of all, I found low cost ways to spy on a cheater without having to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on fancy spy equipment. If you want to catch a cheating spouse fast, here are 3 simple steps you need to take:

Step 1 Learn The Warning Signs of Cheating

One of the first things I tell my students is to do is recognize the various signs of cheating. Since each relationship is unique, you can’t use a cookie cutter list of warning signs for every relationship. One cheater’s actions can be completely different from another one.

While there are several common warning signs a cheater will engage in, you should be aware of all the potential warning signs if you really want to increase your odds of catching a cheater.

Some obvious warning signs include sudden changes in:

1) Appearance

2) Overtime at Work

3) Frequent Business Trips

and there will be less obvious changes involving:

1) Personality

2) Intimacy

3) Social Interaction

It’s important to remember that certain behavior changes in your spouse or partner can be normal. What you want to look for is multiple warning signs that could indicate your partner is cheating. Once you learn all the potential warning signs, you’ll be able to quickly detect if your partner is cheating on you.

Step 2 Gather Evidence Without Getting Caught

As you become familiar with all the possible warning signs, you’ll begin to easily recognize when your partner is up to something suspicious. Your next step is to begin gathering real evidence to support your suspicions. The last thing you want to do is confront your cheating spouse or partner too soon without enough rock solid evidence. It could mean the difference between catching a cheater quickly or spending long grueling months trying to gather enough evidence.

Even the best cheaters leave a trail of evidence. Don’t give up hope if you haven’t seen any obvious signs of cheating. You just need to learn where to look for it. I tell my students the best sources of evidence are usually found in your partner’s private domain.

Be on the lookout for incriminating evidence found in bills, credit card statements, clothing and underwear. Check for hair samples and unusual scent’s. If your partner has been working lots of overtime, you want to verify he or she is actually traveling just to and from work. Your spouse or partner’s computer and cell phone can a goldmine of evidence. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t get caught spying on your mate. Learn to take advantage of prime opportunities to strip search your partner’s private belongings for signs of evidence.

Step 3 Pulling Out The Big Guns – Using Hi Tech Spy Equipment

Your final step will be to take advantage of modern technology to catch your cheating spouse or partner. Before you start using hi tech software to spy on your mate, I suggest you should perform your own search of your partner’s computer or the computer you both share. You can search a computer’s history, cookies, and temporary internet files for any suspicious activity or downloads.

There are several types of spy software you can use to monitor your spouse or partner’s computer activity. These softwares can record everything from email, instant messages, files accessed, website history, and more. When evaluating the different type of software, you need to be aware of the disadvantages of each kind. Some software can be easily detected by your mate, especially if they’re trying to cover their tracks.

NannyCams also make a great surveillance tool. If you suspect your partner is up to no good at home while you’re away at work, I encourage you to set up a hidden NannyCam that will allow you to record any inappropriate activity in the bedroom or living room. Professional NanncyCams start from several hundred dollars, however, I’ve found there are some simple techniques to make your own homemade NannyCam without spending a lot of money.

GPS tracking technology is another wonderful tool that can tell you exactly where your partner drives or visits. This effective device can be installed on a vehicle or hidden in your partner’s private belongings. While you may be tempted to track your partner without their knowledge, you need to be aware of the privacy laws in your state. The privacy laws in most states prohibit GPS tracking of another individual without their prior knowledge and consent, unless you co-own that property. While privacy laws make it more challenging to track a cheater’s private vehicle or belongings, I’ve found there are still ways to track your partner’s activity without breaking the law.

Catching a Cheating Spouse Can Be Easy As 1..2..3

Once you simultaneously apply these 3 steps, you should be able to quickly gather enough evidence to catch a cheater fast. You’ll find lots of information and books on the internet, but you’d would have to sift through tons of material to find the most effective strategies for each step. If you want a fast and easy way to set up these 3 powerful steps, you’ll want to check out my “How to Catch a Cheater Fast” ebook. In my training course, I’ll show you the hottest secrets private investigators use to catch a cheater – in 3 easy steps. You won’t find this video material anywhere else on the internet.

You can check out my “How to Catch a Cheater Fast” ebook here.


Some Common Signs of Cheating

Do you suspect your husband or wife, or even a girlfriend or boyfriend is cheating on you? Are you looking for secret strategies on how to catch a cheating spouse smack dab in the middle of his or her infidelity? The fact of the matter is, learning how to catch a cheating spouse or partner can be challenging for the average person. However, by implementing some simple, yet effective undercover tactics, you’ll put the odds in your favor to catch your cheating wife, husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend.

In order to catch a cheater, it’s essential for you to spend some time understanding the dynamics of the problem. Why do innocent spouses or partners have such a difficult time trying to catch their cheating spouse or partner? The answer lies in the fact cheaters possess an unfair advantage since the game of infidelity favors the unfaithful partner.

Naturally you put your full faith in a partner because it provides stability and comfort. Instead of accepting the devastating reality of your partner’s unfaithfulness, you do all you can to overlook your spouse’s infidelity.

Unfortunately, a cheating spouse tends to take advantage of your trust, knowing full well that it’s difficult for you to pick up on the signs of their infidelity. Signs can vary depending on the particular relationship and circumstances. It’s important to remember that if your cheating spouse detects you’re becoming suspicious, he or she will takes further steps to cover their illicit relationship.

If you pay extra attention, you’ll begin to pick up on some of the telltale signs of a cheating spouse and confront your spouse with proof of their infidelity. If your budget can afford it, hiring a professional detective or purchasing hi tech spy equipment can make the job easier and faster. However, if your finances won’t allow you to use a professional, you can learn some of the signs of a cheating wife or husband, and compare them against your spouse’s lifestyle. Expect to spend several weeks completing your investigation.

It’s a good idea to make journal entries of the date and times of the clues you discover. Never confront your spouse about their cheating unless you have solid proof of their infidelity. Here are some secret, yet powerful strategies to catch your cheating partner.

1) Your spouse or partner begins to work late or stays longer at the gym at night. If you see your spouse deviating from their normal daily schedule without reasonable explanation, this could be a sign of a cheating spouse.

2) Excessive mileage on their car. If you observe additional mileage on the car when all your local shops and work places are nearby, this could be a sign your spouse is cheating.

3) Increased text messages, IM’s, and unusual calls your cheating spouse keeps private. Your spouse may also turn off their cell phone so you can’t contact them.

Here are some ways to catch a cheater:

1) Plot a trap-Cheating husbands, wives, boyfriends, and girlfriends will usually perform their acts of infidelity when their spouse or partner is out of town. Casually announce to your spouse that you will be out of town for a few days and observe what happens. You can disguise yourself with sunglasses, different clothing and borrow a friend’s car to follow your spouse or surveillance your home for unusual visitors.

2) Make a note of how much your spouse or partner spends on the computer. Is he or she spending extra time online or consistently using it late each night? If you think he or she is cheating, you can install a keystroke logger which will record every keystroke your spouse types including their passwords.

3) Monitor their cell phone-If yous spouse or partner password protects their phone, without warning ask to borrow their phone to make an important call. Pretend to make a call while you secretly press buttons to check their call log for unusual calls. You can also press the redial button or #69 to find out who their last caller was.


Why Does A Cheater Resort To Cheating?

You may ask yourself “why does a cheater cheat?” The simple fact of the matter is most people don’t know the answer to that question. While many people may suggest several answers, none of them are simple. The reason why there is no simple answer to this question is because we as humans are complicated beings. Therefore, understanding the reasons why an individual cheats are complicated. If you’re trying to learn how to catch a cheating spouse or husband, it may be helpful to know that most cheaters will fall into several major categories.

There are some cheater’s who believe their current relationship is unable to meet their personal needs and cravings. Deep down they maintain the unhealthy notion cheating is a natural and normal solution to their needs. While this belief is untrue, a cheating spouse is only concerned about satisfying their own needs.

Some spouses are partners will decide to cheat because they lack proper relationship boundaries or they don’t respect them. These type of cheaters are familiar with boundaries, but choose to put their own needs ahead of the boundaries of their partner.

Some cheaters commit the act of infidelity just for the excitement and thrill of it. They become energized and thrilled by the idea of committing a relationship taboo.

Some male cheating spouses or partners suffer from low self esteem and believe they are a failure if they don’t accept another woman’s proposal for intimacy. They feel less masculine if they reject the opportunity for intimacy with another woman.

Low self esteem forces them to look outside their marriage for intimacy. They fall prey to the belief that another lover with wealth and beauty who shows interests in them can elevate their self esteem.

Some cheating spouses or partners will seek to gratify their own selfish demands regarding intimacy by developing an outside relationship with another lover who is willing to cater to their strange desires.

Some cheaters lack moral discipline and will find any excuse to have illegitimate intimacy.

Finally, some believe, whether it’s true or not, that their own partner lacks the capability or cooperation to make them feel special during intimacy.

A person resorts to cheating as a faulty way of arriving at a solution to their dilemma. Now that you understand some of the possible motives an individual may use to justify their cheating, your next step is to learn professional tips and strategies on how to catch a cheating spouse.

Can Online Relationships Be Considered Cheating?

Do you notice that your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend spends a lot of time sitting at the computer? If you notice he or she is devoting a lot of time doing this and you aren’t aware of what they’re doing, you might be tempted to think there are having an online relationship.

Sad to say, online relationships tend to be viewed from a whole different perspective, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be looked upon as cheating. You’ll find there are two different viewpoints when it comes to relationships online. The first perspective is that of the cheater carrying out the affair. If you ever catch your spouse or partner having an affair online, they may deny the fact they’re cheating. They may use the excuse their relationship can’t be considered cheating since they’ve never physically met the other person. Your partner has never had any physical contact with the other person at the other end of the computer.

The second perspective involves the innocent husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend who catches their partner acting inappropriately. Not only can the cheater inappropriately talk online, he or she may participate in social networking websites, dating sights, and other websites that make it convenient for users to connect with each other. Just because your partner tells you a physical meeting didn’t take place, doesn’t mean you’re getting the complete story. Your cheating spouse or made could have a physical meeting planned in the immediate future.

Online affairs can have negative effects on an innocent spouse. Inappropriate phone sex, webcam activity, and seductive emails can be traumatic to an innocent partner. For many innocent partners, emotional affairs can be just as traumatic and devastating.

If you suspect your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend is cheating with another person online, there are certain steps that you can take to find out the truth. One step is to engage your spouse while he or she is on the computer. If you notice your partner quickly changes what they are viewing when you enter the room, it could be a sign they’re having an online affair. Pretend to give your partner a hug and kiss and glance at the bottom of the screen to see what shows up on the task bar. This can give you information on what sites your partner is visiting.

You can also invest in computer monitoring software to spy where your partner visits as well as his or her e-mail activity. If you want to learn how to catch a cheating spouse, check out my six week video training course.


Steps You Should Take Before Exposing a Cheating Partner

Once you’ve spent enough time spying on your partner and have put together ample conclusive evidence to prove his guilt, it’s time for you to stop searching for evidence and to plan how you will approach him. You’ll also be faced with some major decisions such as whether you’re going to let your partner have another opportunity to prove himself or whether you will walk away from the relationship and move on with your life. This can be one of the toughest times to go through in your relationship.

Whatever decision you make regarding your relationship, your best strategy is to refrain from approaching your partner in a hostile manner such as screaming or ranting at him as he comes home from work. Approaching your partner in this manner will not only cost you a lost opportunity to communicate your findings to him, it will also emotionally and physically affect you in a negative manner. If you really sit down and contemplate the situation, see yourself screaming like a raving lunatic at your partner and then watch as he turns around on his heels and stomps out the front door. Now what will you do next? You just spent hours preparing all your conclusive evidence to show your cheater, and now you’ve just throw away the opportunity by approaching him with a confrontational attitude.

Your goal in confronting your cheating partner is to be able to see how he acts and what his body language is after you begin to show him the evidence you have against him. This will be nearly impossible to do when you’re emotionally out of control and yelling at your partner.

You need to also consider the personality of your partner. When confronted, is he the kind of person who can get enraged and possibly physically harm you? If you think this might happen, you need to get away from your cheating partner as soon as possible. If your partner is the vocal type who likes to shout and get other’s attention, you’ll need to find a suitable location to confront him with your evidence.

While confronting your cheating partner in a public place such as a local restaurant may seem harmless, you need to be prepared just in case he makes a big scene and starts yelling at you in public. If your partner is the emotional time who may show instant regret and remorse, and may even shed a tear, make sure you don’t get soft and let him sway you from your planned presentation.
If you really want to nail your cheating partner, you need to make sure you’ve put together plenty of evidence to support your accusations and present them in a logical manner. While you may receive greater satisfaction by conclusively proving to your partner that he was cheating, the most important thing you need to accomplish is to prove it yourself. Be sure you have collected plenty of evidence to document your accusations. If you put together plenty of facts, your partner will have a difficult time lying is way out.

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